The PM Service activities will be performed on a scheduled basis by our qualified service technicians.  The Customer will be informed of the program's progress and results on a regular basis via a Service Report, presented after each service call for a Customer's review.

We welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations of what a Preventative Maintenance program means to your facility.

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Direct Mechanical offers Preventative Maintenance (PM) agreements.  A customer's PM program can keep equipment operating at its peak performance.


This will help conserve energy consumption and prolong the life of the equipment.  By reducing the chances of equipment failure, you will also be mitigating the possible high costs associated with replacement.

We offer PM contracts on chillers, cooling towers, pumps, roof top units, boilers and other Commercial or Industrial equipment.  After performing a systems analysis of your building, we will provide you with a service plan whcih meets your needs.  Plans can range from basic maintenance to comprehensive preventative maintenance.  

preventative maintenance

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